Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry

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The Landmark Church of Christ youth ministry consists of 7th-12th graders who represent six different local school districts including our plethora of homeschooled teens. The youth ministry is spearheaded by our Youth & Family Minister Tyler Redman, who has been with us since 2019. We have given Tyler the title of Youth AND Family Minister because we believe that youth ministry cannot be successful without heavily involving the family, both biological and spiritual. The family is God’s primary tool in helping shape the next generation of the church. Youth ministry is a resource not a replacement for the responsibility that God lays at the feet of the family.

Here at the Landmark Church of Christ, our aim in youth ministry is to equip and assist the family in guiding their teenager toward gaining spiritual maturity, a greater knowledge of and respect for Scripture, a servant’s heart, and a closer relationship with the church body and each other. Simply put, we are trying to help our teens become more like Jesus in every way. We attempt to accomplish these goals through the use of three important tools in a very specific order of emphasis: 

1 – Teaching / Worship

2 – Service

3 – Fellowship

Along with spiritual guidance, our teenagers enjoy a packed schedule of enriching events every year which includes Bible classes, Roundhouse (weekly devo), youth-led worship, service projects, mission trips, camps, retreats, movie nights, and a whole host of other exciting and impactful activities. You can find a schedule of our upcoming youth events here. We hope you can join us for the next one! 

P.S. If you’re looking for the youth room, be warned. Attempting to find it can make you feel like you’re starring in National Treasure 3! However, with a few helpful pointers, you shouldn’t have any problems.  The youth room is immediately behind the stage in the auditorium. Go through the door to the right of the stage, down the hall, and turn right. You can’t miss it!

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