Youth Ministry

Recent Lesson Series: The Landmark Church of Christ youth ministry consists of 7th-12th graders who represent six different local school districts including our plethora of homeschooled teens. The youth ministry is spearheaded by our Youth & Family Minister Tyler Redman, who has been with us since 2019. We have given Tyler the title of Youth AND Family Minister because we believe that youth ministry cannot be successful without heavily involving the family, both biological and spiritual. The family is God’s…

Seniors Ministry

Landmark’s Senior Ministry consists of Landmark’s members that are 65 and older. We help with everything from setting with the sick to helping repair things around the homes. We consider our seniors a blessing and a very valuable part of our church body. They provide wisdom that can only come from spending time here on God’s wonderful planet. Transportation When transportation to doctors or stores is needed, and no family members are available we have volunteers that provide the transportation.…

Ladies Ministry

Recent Studies: Our ladies’ ministry is very active here at Landmark! Our Ladies’ Bible class meets on Sunday evenings at 5 pm. All ladies of all ages are invited to join us for Bible study. During the year our ladies have a three-day Spring Retreat, a one-day Ladies’ Fall Retreat, a Ladies’ Tea (much like a shortened version of our Ladies’ Day), and fun day outings to The Homestead in Waco, and other various activities throughout the year. We like…


At the Landmark Church of Christ, we want to share the good news of Jesus with people within our community and all around the world. Below are some works and missionaries we support on a regular basis. Domestic Efforts International Efforts World Bible School Apply to be a study helper at Want to study the Bible with your own personal study helper? Sign up for FREE at